Does Studying Abroad Look Good on College Applications?

There are a massive number of opportunities for high school students to study abroad. The option of a semester abroad or a study program that takes place in a foreign country can be highly beneficial for anyone’s career path. What many high school students are interested in understanding is if a study abroad program will lead to a better college admission chance.

Based on the marketing materials and real-world experience from many study abroad programs, college admission candidates can often improve their application by suggesting that they studied abroad. Many universities and colleges across the United States and North America are interested in creating a robust and international campus. Because campuses are a global community, having students that have been across the world and been exposed to many cultures can be a resounding asset for improving the campus culture.

Admissions officers are responsible for looking at thousands of applications each year and having an application stand out with an experience like a semester abroad can be highly beneficial for a student. A study abroad program can be a way to give yourself a slight advantage over some of your other student peers.

Studying abroad is just one small aspect of the application process. A student will also need to tell a compelling story about their study abroad program and what their experience was like. Writing a short essay or demonstrating what you learned during the program can be a great way to show a college admissions officer what you’re bringing to the table with your experience.

If you are weighing the options of studying abroad as a high school student, it’s important to keep in mind that your experience of studying abroad could be an excellent way that you can tip the scales of acceptance in your favor for your college program.

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