Here Are 5 Ways To Make Your Staycation That Extra Bit Special!

With prices rising everywhere for a number of items, you may be wondering how you can have a holiday with all the expenses and hubbub of life! You can still have great fun and spend your holiday like the way you always wanted. Yes, you read that right. Planning a staycation and spending quality time with your family and friends can be a great way to save on some money and nurture those relationships!

Here we provide you with tips to make your staycation extra special:

Give a makeover to your surroundings

You need to have a definite plan to enjoy your staycation. You can, in fact, work on a tropical theme and get things done to align with it. For instance, get those small, beautiful umbrellas to set the mood for your cocktails. Buy aesthetically designed coffee mugs to enjoy your mornings and evenings. You can also transform your pool with new pool equipment and toys. You can go the extra mile and set up a few lights, preferably green, in your backyard near the pool. Adding some wooden lounges will also add to the beauty of the space. Buy outdoor blankets, some fabulous smelling candles, just do anything extraordinary that comes to your mind. Create a resort-like appearance and set the vacation mood. Play with your children in the pool, dine with your spouse in your backyard garden, experience tropicalised cocktails and enjoy a special staycation, without leaving your home.

Stay away from work

You will have this urge to check your phone every minute when vacationing in your home. We suggest you not to do that. You really can’t experience a true staycation if you stick to your phone and think about work every other second. They just don’t go together. However, if you cannot detach from work completely, we recommend you to have some pre-fixed timings when you can check on your messages.

If you want to enjoy pool time with your family and have unlimited fun, you should put down all your gadgets or at least minimise the use of digital devices. A holiday is meant for refreshing and rejuvenating your body and mind. Stay away from work as much as possible and make fond memories with your close friends and family. Plan a good staycation and do not let the pandemic hamper your holiday time.

Set a budget

Most people that plan a staycation initially think they won’t spend much but end up overspending. We do not want you to overspend and regret later. Set a budget before you start staycationing and stick to it, even if you travel to nearby places for a couple of days during the time. With the money you save, you can buy new garden accessories, pool accessories and toys for your children.

You can further look for pool inclusions such as spa jets and spa designs, and up your pool features. However, if you are yet to own a pool, start looking for the options. There are numerous pool types available in different price ranges, and we know you will be spoiled for choice. If you save more than what you planned, you can even use that money for renovating your backyard. Think out of the box and execute out of the ordinary!

Enjoy Me-Time!

Planning a vacation is quite stressful. You need to check out the places, book flight tickets, accommodation, do the packing, and in the process, get stressed. Staycation, on the other hand, is a stress buster. Since you will be relaxing in your own sweet home, there is no need to plan multiple things at one go. You can stay relaxed, eat what you want, go around doing things you like or simply do nothing and laze. It is like having a lot of time for yourself! Doesn’t it sound interesting? All the while, you got no time to spend on activities you loved to do, but now you have the time you longed for. Make the most of your me-time and have a memorable staycation.

One simple way to spend your holiday evenings is to enter your swimming pool and soothe your tired muscles in the warm waters. If you have installed mood lighting, this experience could even be rejuvenating. Experience Thai-resort right in your backyard.

Relax by the poolside

Your staycation will not be complete without you relaxing by your modern fibreglass pool. Sip your cocktail by the poolside, chat with your spouse and refresh yourself by the sparkling cool waters. If you do not own a pool, think how adding one to your property can elevate your staycation experience. If you are tight on budget and feel a swimming pool is an expensive option, you are wrong. There are innumerable newcastle pool options in varied price ranges for people with varied budgets and preferences. A fibreglass plunge pool, for instance, comes at a very affordable price, while offering all the leisure benefits.

Contact a reputed pool manufacturer and explore different options available. With a lovely pool in your backyard, your next staycation could be like a dream come true.

More tips

To enrich your staycation experience, you can try cooking new delicious recipes. Cook a new dish every day and savour the taste with your family. Click pictures every now and then; in fact, we recommend you take as many candid photos as possible. You can relive these memories during the later years. Buy new things that would excite your family and spend on making memories, but wisely.

Staycation is the trend, given the pandemic circumstances. It is here to stay at least for the near future. The above tips help you plan a very special staycation however you can get even creative and plan extraordinary. Be innovative and experience a unique vacation