Technology has undoubtedly penetrated every industry, and the marijuana business is no exception. The marijuana market has significantly prospered in recent years, and there has been a considerable increase in the usage and production of cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes. Thanks to technology, consumers have plenty of options for getting high, and Marijuana dispensaries have more ways of doing business. Here are five ways technology has significantly changed and impacted the marijuana market.

Online weed delivery services

Through e-commerce websites that have undergone tremendous change in recent years, the internet era has made it possible for Marijuana businesses to flourish. With the advent of technology, purchasing, selling, and promoting marijuana products have undergone a significant transformation.

Today, it is feasible to buy marijuana online without any difficulties or concerns from local authorities, thanks to weed delivery Agoura Hills. A consumer can use a dispensary’s website or app to choose the cannabis products they want and have them delivered.

Many businesses are creating applications to inform their clients about the various cannabis items they offer. However, the regulations governing the manufacture and consumption of cannabis-derived products are constantly evolving; therefore, one should always proceed with caution while buying these products.

Quality marijuana products

Technology advancements have personalized marijuana use. Up until a few years ago, smoking marijuana was the only method of consumption. But today, you have various options for consuming marijuana, including vapes, oils, tinctures, candies, gummies, and other similar food items.

Although it may be difficult to obtain, it is crucial to create the ideal ratio of THC and CBD in every product. People metabolize cannabinoids differently due to differences in their biochemistry; hence ongoing efforts are being made to encapsulate the chemical components contained in cannabis to increase the products’ effectiveness.

That means consuming a different strain than your body’s needs could be seriously problematic. This issue is eliminated by technology by making it possible to process exact cannabis doses depending on a consumer’s needs, especially medical marijuana.

DNA sequencing of cannabis

Cannabis contains components that affect the brain; therefore, legalizing marijuana products has opened the door to countless scientific advancements and the potential for new goods to be sold on the market. Cannabis use has undergone a revolution due to DNA sequencing and genetic mapping.

Because it contains psychoactive substances like CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), some organizations have already taken the initiative to sequence the plant’s DNA using CRISPR technology. With the help of CRISPR gene editing, marijuana with neither CBD nor THC is grown to understand the health benefits it offers humans.

Faster cannabis cultivation and extraction

The increased demand for cannabis has stimulated the employment of cutting-edge technology in plant cultivation. Utilizing technology in farming is essential for accelerating harvest times and raising product quality to satisfy consumer demands. This makes it simpler for businesses to generate CBD (cannabidiol) products of the highest grade to meet the demand of medical cannabis users.


The marijuana sector will continue to flourish, thanks to more technological advancements.